Catherine Wong Tsz-fong
World renowned Hong Kong female young pianist

Catherine Wong is a young female pianist who was born in the 80s Hong Kong, and has developed a deep passion for piano music ever since her birth. Her enthusiasm towards music could be traced back to the time when she started to seek guidance from one of the best piano educators and conductors, Professor Yau Tin Fu. She was so passionate about playing piano that she decided to quit school when she was F.4 and began her study towards a professional music career. With Professor Yau’s strict and rigorous training, Catherine has achieved tremendous success, namely:
  • Double Champion in the World Festival of Youth and Students Piano Recital and Concerto Competition held at Bulgaria
  • Bulgaria Best Performance Honour in World Festival of Youth and Students Piano Recital and Concerto Competition
  • First Runner-up in the Finnish International Piano Championship
Through her continued perseverance and efforts, Catherine has became the world’s first born and bred HongKonger that has ever been invited by the British Royal Family to perform in the UCIEA and even granted with ”The Ambassador of English-Chinese Co-Music”. Moreover, in order to recognise Catherine’s achievements and contribution in the field of music and charity work as well as to facilitate China-United Kingdom relations, in November of the same year, the British Royal Family granted her with more honours and awards, namely “The Mulan Star Award” and the “Arts Achievement Award”.

Over the years she has cooperated with various revered symphony orchestras, such as Guangdong Pearl River Symphony Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and The National Radio Company of Ukraine Symphony Orchestra etc. Many may see her as the Future Light of Hong Kong, given her outstanding performance in countless international and Asia piano competitions.