Our founder:

Malou Ko
Founder & Executive Director
Creative Mastermind & Tactician



Malou is an international award-winning branding designer based in Hong Kong. She started THE CABINET design studio since 2005 where she has worked for more than 130 international and local projects with over 80 clients such as MINI Hong Kong, Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific, Ralph Lauren, KEF, Oxfam, WWF, PMQ... which enhance her design skills and mindset.

Throughout the years, she won over 30 international design awards from the League of American Communications Professionals, 11th and 12th International Design Awards, London International Creative Competition, DNA Paris Design Awards... She has been invited by 99U Local: Hong Kong, General Assembly... to be one of the speakers to share her design experiences, and has invited by the European Cultural Centre to exhibit in Venice Design 2017. Her work has been described as pleasing, delicate and impactful.

Graduated in First Class Honours in Industrial and Product Design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design in 2010, Malou has been practising design thinking process and methodologies. On her final year project, she worked on a service and system design project and gained appreciation on her design thinking skills. She has also won the UGC-funded Undergraduate Post-entry Full Scholarship in PolyU.

In 2011, Malou started to work with E3, an creative agency in HR. Being appointed as the Creative Director at a very young age, she designed her first global campaign with the exposure of 35 countries around the world. The project gained positive feedbacks and she has been working on different employee branding projects since then.

In 2014, she started JaM Group where they focus on how design thinking process can help clients to achieve potential solutions. Through her experiences in dealing with employees and public users in the past years, Malou is able to enhance her design and execution skills with an innovative marketing plan for clients.
Some of our core teammates:

Karen To
Marketing Talent

Karen has so much potential in data organisation and event planning. We are so looking forward to see her grow and success!

Louisa Wai
Wonderful Graphic Designer

Louisa is our genius! She is able to work in different styles, and able to pull off a project in an instant!

Jess Lau
Fantastic Designer

Jess is the one who always has different perspective on things, it's so enjoyable to have her throughout a brainstorming section!

Francesca Wong
Savvy Art Director

Francesca always has funny stories to share with! We always take inspirations from her and bring it on to new height!

Ben Hung
Gifted Web Designer

Ben is the master of UX and UI, the speed and the depth of his ideas...we still don't know how his mind works!

Michael Mak
Genius Copywriter

We can always feel the power of a man's word in Michael. With his Chinese poetic skills, he is bringing everything into classy.

Cyrus Au
Programming Expert

Cyrus is our Steve Jobs. He can code anything we want, even when we don't know what we are explaining to him!

Man Chun Yip
Our Great Artist

Yip helps us to create fascinating sculptures, props and models for different projects. He is our Frank Gehry!

Karen Mui
Our Mystery Copywriter

Karen is our press release expert, the way she deliver our messages...we always learn from her!

Yiko Li
The Mind-blowing Animator

Yiko has the world's most detailed eyes and mind, she can make any graphic move naturally!

Cravis Wong
Our Pistachio

Cravis has a inborn humour and great talent in photoshooting, he always give us a lot of happiness in the office!

Fu Miu
The Exquisite Writer

Fu Miu has the broadest vocabulary and langaugae skills to brighten up our every piece of wordings!