Our clients
BBQ Chicken
Branding / Brand Launching / Brand Building / Marketing Strategies /
Advertising / Visual Communication / UI & UX Design

BBQ Chicken is the world largest Korean fried chicken franchise corporation with over 3,800 branches all over 46 countries in the world. They landed in Hong Kong in August 2015 with an ambitious plan in opening at least 30 branches in Hong Kong in the coming five years.

We helped them to think of a six-month marketing direction to launch the brand step by step in Hong Kong, and also take care all the brand materials like menu, website, window decal, leaflet, promotional posters, membership recruitment, food tasting events, Facebook and Instagram page posts and maintenance.

We had four different activations before the first Premium Chicken branch opened in Causeway Bay. Each per week, we went from digital to street to attract different audiences to know the brand. By the branch opened, we already collected 2,500 Facebook page likes, gained over 40 media coverages and at least one hour waiting time for dinner section.

And throughout the six months, customers need to wait for at least half an hour for a table at dinner section. We also achieved the highest monthly revenue out of all franchise branches over the world. BBQ Chicken then opened 4 more branches in this nine months time.

Lover's Tune
Re-branding / UI & UX Design / Marekting Strategies /
Visual Communication / Facebook App

Lover's Tune provides custom made wedding songs, live bands and proposal planning services. Based in Hong Kong, they want to attract more customers with a chic and modern look and feel.

To attract new customer, we introduce them to the public by rebranding the Corporate Identity (CI) and their website design, giving a whole new and fresh look to audiences.

We also provided an digital marketing plan to relaunch the new brand. The plan included a Facebook App game and sets of online and offline materials. Through the game, audiences have a come over a task to reward a discount on Lover's Tune services. We helped to engage our target user with the brand and broadened the customer profiles.

By the end of the campaign, we were able to increase 125% of their original monthly revenue.

Thomas & Friends
Diorama Installation
3D Modeling / Brand Building / Visual Communication

Thomas & Friends was participating in the annual global Mattel Toy Fair to attract global toy store vendors to order their toys.

In order to best display Thomas & Friends trains, we created a diorama display with mountains and grassland with tracks run across, just like the Thomas & Friends cartoon animation / stop motion back in the old days. We've included a lot of different scenes and details in the display to prolong audiences eye sight when they see the display. We hope to show the core value of the brand, "Friendship", in the display by putting different trains and runs across the miniature landscape. We want to capture their attention and be amazed by the excitement and freshness of Thomas & Friends.

After the show, we received orders from Thomas & Friends to see if we can produce more of these diorama displays in different places in the world to showcase their toys.
Oxfam Hong Kong
Home For Dinner Campaign 2014 & 2015
Identity Design / Brand Launching / Marketing Strategies /
Visual Communication

One and every eight people worldwide suffers from hunger. By advocating the public to have dinner at home and donate the amount of money would have cost if dined out, Oxfam Hong Kong is branding itself as an agency determine to change the world by mobilising the power of people against poverty. They hold the "Home For Dinner" campaign annually on the World Poverty Day, 17th October.

Our duty is to provide creative and art directions input on the whole campaign. Since it is only the second year in hosting the event, we aim at introducing the campaign to the public. We came up with a infographic direction as the main key visual to explain the meaning of the event to audiences.

The Boss & The Sky Boss
Branding / Brand building / Marketing Strategies / Advertising /
Visual Communication

The Boss & The Sky Boss are Michelin starred Asian fusion restaurants in Hong Kong. They provide high end Chinese cuisine with a stunning Hong Kong view of 101/F in ICC building.

We helped them for several promotions, and with different marketing strategy suggestions, we hope to introduce this restaurant group to the younger age group and broaden their customer base.

Throughout the nine months, we used different style in the key visuals to attract different audiences, e.g. Chinese traditional style for Chinese New Year pudding promotion, Western romantic style for Valentine's Day special menu promotion, Western modern style for Mother's Day family menu promotion... We want to indroduce the brand as modern fusion restaurant rather than just traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant.

Hot Wheels
Micro City Installation
3D Modeling / Brand Building / Visual Communication

In the annual global Mattel Toy Fair that hold in Hong Kong, Hot Wheels showcased their different series of toys to attract global toy store vendors to order their toys. And there is an island space to create the best Hot Wheels experiences.

We helped to create a micro city with different world noted landmarks and hot wheels tracks ran across. Since we are particularly using the carton box series: track builder sets for this display, we used carton paper texture for all the landmarks to unite with the series. The display has a lot of details like traffic lights, road signages, hydrant... to enhance the city feeling. We also made some trams and letter boxes to add a Hong Kong feeling.

In order to show Hot Wheels' brand promise, "the freedom to push your limits", we also created an IFC building in the middle with tracks crazily shuttle around it. We want audiences to feel the infinite possibilities of Hot Wheels tracks.

Hong Kong Jockey Club
Disaster Preparedness & Response Institute
Identity Design / Brand building / Marketing Strategies / Advertising /
Visual Communication / UI & UX Design

Hong Kong Jockey Club Disaster Preparedness & Response Institute (HKJCDPRI) is a newly Non-profit Organisation funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club since 2015. Their goal is to educate Hong Kong citizen on how to prepare / response to disaster. And one of the program is to launch a competition for Hong Kong primary and secondary school students to get to know more this topic.

We helped to brainstorm the competition and gave a marketing plan to promote it. We also helped to create all the materials needed for the competition. Upon on the style of the key visual, we chose to have a graphic approach to attract young audiences.

This project will be hold annually and by the end of this year's competition, we hope that some of the students get to know about this organisation and learn a little bit on this topic.